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My 16 U.K. LDWs revisted (again).

  It has been quite some time since I posted on my walking blog site.  That is partially due to the job I am currently doing, which is 6 days a week standing under kiwifruit vines (unless it is raining), which means the only regular day I get off is Sunday and, if it is not raining on Sunday, I'm usually too worn out from standing on my feet all day to go off for a long walk. However, that does not mean I do not think about walking, especially walking in the U.K., which is the place I enjoy walking the most.  It is often only when you are prevented from, or otherwise incapable of, doing something that you truly miss it (although truth be told, I miss U.K. walking whenever I am not there doing it).  Due to the COVID pandemic walking in the U.K. is very much out of the question at present, so I have been reading other walkers online blogs about long distance trails they have done in the U.K. It was when reading another walker's blog that I came across the idea of describing a wal

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